Tuesday, 11 September 2012

The month of September; My Rant

Hello my fellow bloggers!
Man, it feels like forever since I've been on here!
Well, the past glorious days I've been super busy! I had volleyball tryouts, I'm really hoping I make it because it will improve my vertical so much, and on the bright side get me some what in shape for basketball. School on the other hand, its been a week and I already had 4 tests! Like lets all take a serious five teachers. Annd their's this boy , I know, I know I have told myself plenty of times why I should not date but when he treats you like a princess you aren't, I'd say try him out for a change, you never know he might be your forever and always. The weather here as been real upsetting, why? Well, because fall has hit us already like a rock and so far the lowest I'd say was about 5 or 4 degrees. I did not dress for this stuff. Ever since I lost a lot of weight, its weird to get the attention boys give you, its weird to think that I'm pretty and beautiful. When boys tell me that I wanna say no but then I feel like I'm trying to fish for more compliments and I'm not. I'm being honest with myself, I don't feel beautiful. And when I say thanks I feel like a cocky person you know? Anndd on the other hands, I haven't seen my bestfriend in like a year! It to be honest hasn't been a year it has probably been like a week and a half, but when she puts a smile on your face and you guys have great memories together, you really start missing someone. 
Darby Peachman, if you're reading this I just wanna say you're not like a bestfriend to me, your more like a sister, one that I can count on all the time to hold secrets for me. You make me smile when I'm down and especially worried, you've been their for me when the world decided to shut me out. And without you there is no awesome Arinn, you've taught me the ways. I could really talk a lot more about how amazing and inspiring she is to me, but I'm probably making you jealous on how awesome a friend she is. Anyways love you Darby.
Arinn Young 

Thursday, 6 September 2012

The month of September; Life

Hello my beautiful people!
Today was a great day! Even though school is here and all that, I got my friends back and more to come! Its been two days of school and I already had homework and a test, in two days... Like how? I have a feeling this is gonna be a good year if it keeps up like this, but on the downside our principal, has ruling our school for a year now, and more to come... He looks like he just got out of prison, and he has bad B.O. like seriously, get that checked. I've been in his office for stuff like 10 times and he still doesn't know my damn name, and not to put myself in a position but everyone knows me! Like GTFO. Leave our school. You suck. 
Anyways I have serious rage when it comes to him. This is gonna be a short post but, I just wanted to tell you whats going on. We live on a farm and I had horses until my knee got so bad and I couldn't ride them no more so I had to sell them. But my neighbors horses our in our pasture, and I got home hopped the fence with with a briddle and jumped on the horse bareback and rode. It felt amazing on them again. Then after 10 mins I got off and grabbed the quad and when muddin' . I just want to let y'all know, redneck is in my blood.
Arinn Young

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

The month of September; The recovery.

Hello my people :)
Today was a better day, and by better I mean FANTASTIC.
So I promised you all that I would finish my blog from yesterday so here its goes.

That night from my injury I woke up and had to go to the washroom, I didn't wanna wake up my parents to help me so I tried doing it on my own. I got to the the bathroom door and a shot of pain went through my body, I got dizzy and fell, waking up my parents. They ask me if I was okay and then the pain gotten so bad that I vomited and blacked out. The next day I woke up and I went to the hospital. They said that it was pulled and to keep off of it. A month went by and the pain left, that is until I was gearing up my horse and had the saddle in my arms. I stepped out of the horse trailer and landed funny, I heard a pop and the pain came, I fell under my horse. Luckily my horse sensed something was wrong and she lied down beside me. One of the adults came and got my Mom over their, again I was sent to the hospital. They said nothing was wrong. A year went by and in that year I blew out my knee another 7 times, my career in sports was finished. The hospital at this point was my second home, I went for a MRI and found out I snapped my ACL and shredded my meniscus into nothing, my femur, patella and fibula was bone on bone. In other words my thigh bone and shine a.k.a fibula were bone on bone, which is bad because your bone starts wearing away. They told me I had to get major knee surgery at the age of 15, when it all happened when I was 14. The doctor said that was the worst knee he has ever seen... I cried almost every night knowing that can't play sports. My life was boring and I felt like I had no use in this world. Until my Dad's friend Max cam along, Max has two daughters, one named Katie and the other Becca. Katie had spinal bifida, which means either a bone in her spine is missing, or two bones are together as one. She could not walk, but wheelchair risin. Becca on the other hand could walk and healthy. Katie played wheelchair basketball, she was a wild, fun loving type of gal. I on the other hand was falling into depression, nothing helped, every where I looked their was emptiness. Katie passed away during a surgery. Our family's were devastated, Max took me under his wing and dragged me to a wheelchair basketball practice, I said I reminded him as his daughter, so I took that to the heart and was by his side every since. I've had 6 going on 7 surgery's in my life, so now I am on the verge of being classified as physically handicapped, but I'm okay with that, now I am on the verge of getting a full scholarship to the University of Alabama, for wheelchair basketball, my team is my family and the court is my home. If it wasn't for them, I'd still be depressed and never play sports again. 
My life has changed.
In loving memory of Katie.
Arinn Young

Monday, 3 September 2012

September ; The Injury.

Hello again my fellow bloggers! This is my 3rd blog of the week and I am just putting out their that I might now blog every single day of the week but when I do, I hope you cherish my blog in a way you can't even describe! 
I am a heavily into sports especially basketball, I've been playing ever since I was 5 years old, so I've been playing it for 11 years. I am not a pro, nor will I be because I am not perfect. Anyways, when I have stuff on my mind I go out and play basketball, its stress free until its an actual game. I have to admit I have anger issues in my sports because I'm that competitive, I will give 110% even if I don't know the sport. I play all the tough sports out their from Lacrosse to baseball, to basketball to wheelchair basketball. Yes I did say wheelchair basketball. 

When I played Lacrosse I got hit by three girls just because two couldn't take me down... All three hits were illegal, and all three girls did get kicked out of the game. I lied their in shock, I didn't know I was brutally injured until I tried to get up, and I couldn't. You see, I don't show pain nor do I feel it. When I'm hurt I get back up and run it off because I was taught that way not to show your weakness... Anyways, my good friend Keri-Lynn ran to my side and was asking me if I was okay, I couldn't talk cause I knew if I did the pain would come. Seconds later my Dad ran to me, telling me to get up and stop babying it. I did what I was told, and fell again. I kept thinking to myself that I was okay, nothing was wrong and I was being stupid. Then I tried again, and then pain came over me and I felt sick, and the room was spinning, every time I tried to move my leg their was pain. My Dad knew something was wrong and when he ask if I could get up, I heard a small crack of sadness in his voice. I wanted to prove everyone wrong that I wasn't weak, so I rolled to my good side and used my one good leg to prop my self up. Then on a count of three I was on my one foot. I tried to use my lacrosse stick as support on my right leg but the stick was broken. My Dad rushed to my side and told me to walk off proudly, but I knew, that proud wasn't an option no more. My right knee was swelled to a basketball and I couldn't put any pressure on it, when my Dad left to to change out of my gear, I sat their crying cause I knew my day of sports and being the best that I can be was over.

I'm going to leave it at that tonight because talking about this still makes me upset. I promise to tell you the rest tomorrow.
Night world;
Arinn Young

Sunday, 2 September 2012

The month of September

Well another gloomy day has past, prayin for the clouds to go away so I can see the sunshine. What I did today was just relaxed and watched movies and baked. Got lots on my mind, boys would be one of the things. I just know that I am missing my girl Darby Peachman already and its maybe have been 24 hours. I am really hoping all you people had a lovely day. :)
Another question roaming around in my head is, where have all the good people gone?
Where did I screw up?
I need someone to cuddle with.
ANNDDD most importantly, I need you. 

The person who has inspired me for 2 years now, is a lady named Danielle Peers. I met her also two years ago and shes made me want to be a better person, to take on my fears, strive to be the better person then you were yesterday. In one of our games, I was getting frustrated with the mistakes and plays I was making, she took me aside and said "Don't think of the play you just made, think that the next play you do make, will be one to remember." 
"Stay positive" 

Yours Truly;
Arinn Young

Saturday, 1 September 2012


Well hello there fellow people reading my blog, I am Arinn Young and I'm here today to show you a little piece of my crazy, fun lovin' life. The person who inpsired me to do this is my fellow friend currently known as my bestfriend/sister Darby Peachman. Last night I suffered from having to babysit a couple dozen drunk teenagers. So today I am a little weak in the knee's but still truckin' along. I woke up feeling that I need to see my girl Darby, so here I am typing this at her lovely home. What we did today was the most adveturous Saturday we have had in a long time, false gotta admit it was a little boring, but we did share some great laughs, a couple slaps and memories to go a long with the ride. So in the begining of the day I drove Darby around the city just to see her have a smile on while shopping for make-up. As what you should now know, I don't wear any except mascara. After that long torturous walk around the store, we decided to go back home and rest are lazy feet. Then out of no where Darby had a great idea to go to twisted yogurt, which i'd agree because food can be everyones bestfriend... Anyways now that you know, thats Darby and I's very place to go. Now we're sitting here watching chick flicks and being cool :) ... I hope you all enjoyed our little adventures through out the day.
Rock on;
Arinn Young